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Menu Choices


The menu windows below are displayed in theme color “Light”.

These are the menu choices in the Note List.

Search note

Allows you to search for a particular (part of one) text in all notes. You can indicate whether you want to search only the titles, only in the note text or in both. Thereafter, the notes will be displayed where the search argument appears.

Sort the list

This allows the list of notes to be sorted. A submenu is displayed containing the sorting options:

  • Title
  • Create date
  • Change date

After clicking, the list is sorted in the requested manner. By clicking the same selection again, the list is sorted on the same argument, but then reversed.


The import / export options. This opens a submenu for selecting:

  • Export notes
  • Import notes
  • Send notes

Export notes

When exporting you are prompted for a filename (default is filled in Safenotes_export). If there is already a file with that name, a warning will appear in red. A password must be entered. Depending on the setting in Preferences, this password must be of the predetermined strength, otherwise it will not be accepted. The password must be entered twice for confirmation. Export takes place with the number of key iterations set in the preferred settings..

Import notes

An overview of the standard import / export directory is shown. If the import file is elsewhere, you can navigate there by first clicking on the top folder icon. The desired import file must be selected, which is then indicated by a tick character. After that, the password for that particular export file must be specified. Import takes place with the number of key iterations set in the preferences.

Send notes

Before you can send notes (by email) they must be exported with the option Export Notes above. Since the notes are encrypted, they can be sent by mail without any objection. For security, choose a high number of key iterations in Preferences, as you can send the notes outside of your Safe Zone.

Change Password

This allows you to change your password. You can specify the required strength in Preferences.


Please refer to the Preferences chapter. Zie hiervoor het hoofstuk voorkeursinstellingen..


Delete note

This will delete the current note. Removing can also be done by pressing the note list for a long time

Change font

Allows the typeface and font size for the current note to be adjusted. This can be very useful if the note contains, for example, a lot of data that does not otherwise fit on the screen. For example, a fully textual note can also be chosen for a proportional font. All changes are immediately displayed.

Send note

Your default e-mail program can be opened and the text of the current note will be encrypted. This is an unsecured shipping method.


This option will only be activated if something has been changed in the note. Cancel deletes the changes to the current note and does not save anything.

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