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Safenotes is an Android application designed to store notes (which may also be passwords, PINs or other sensitive issues) in a secure way on a smartphone. I've created Safenotes because I could no longer remember the many passwords from different websites. Every web store has its own login process and using the same password for different websites is not wise. You need only one website without proper security and you are in trouble.

An application on your phone or tablet where you can keep all your passwords in a safe way is therefore very handy.

This wiki

This wiki shows screenshots of Safenotes. The colors of the examples are in the theme “Light”. It is possible to set up three different themes (color schemes).


There is a separate page dedicated to the way Safenotes security works. This page provides technical background information. For proper operation of Safenotes it is not necessary to read these (completely).



If you start Safenotes for the first time, the so-called “disclaimer” will be displayed. In general it says that use of Safenotes is at your own risk and I do not accept any liability for losing your notes. Safenotes will, in case of doubt, ensure that your notes are inaccessible, so there is no guarantee of gaining access.

You can, however, export your notes in an encrypted file at any time. You can always import this file again (be sure to test this before the catastrophe strikes!). There is also a version for the PC (Windows, Linux).

Set password

After the disclaimer you are asked to choose a password. This password must be entered twice for confirmation. You can also enter a hint. This hint will be used on the login screen if you have typed in an incorrect password twice. This hint can help you remember what the password is, but of course, do not include the password itself or simply derive it from it. The password does not have to be so strong at first, later you can edit the preferences. to set the minimum password strength.


Login screen

The login screen will be displayed after starting. Here you must enter your password. The displayed view has the theme Light.

What happens when you enter a wrong password is also set in the preferences.

By default, you get 5 attempts, and if you've used these you have to wait 4 hours before you can try again. This time span is adjustable. It is also possible to instruct Safenotes not to released your notes after a certain period of time. In that case, if you enter a wrong password 5 times, then you will no longer be able to access your notes.

Safenotes does not know any secret “backdoors” and your password will not be saved. If you lose it, it's impossible to get to your notes. Sending an email to Octet will not help, I can not help you either.


The list of notes contains from top to bottom:

  • The toolbar containing the “Back” icon,
  • The Safenotes icon,
  • The title of this window (Notes),
  • The Speed ​​Dial menu Add note (Plus sign),
  • The three dots with which the menu can be opened.
  • Below is the list of currently available notes. The list can scroll.

Each note has the name and date of last change. The list is sorted by date of last change with the most recent date at the top.

The menu choices are in another page


The note contains from top to bottom:

  • The toolbar containing the “Back” icon,
  • The Safenotes icon,
  • The title of this window (Note),
  • The “Save” key (the check mark),
  • The three dots with which the menu can be opened.
  • Below the note. The note can scroll.

At the top of the note are the date and time of last change.

The menu choices are in another page

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