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In this activity you can change and adjust a large number of Safenotes settings to your own taste and insight.

Because these settings are not as comprehensible as possible for everyone, this is an overview.

Security settings

This allows a number of adaptations to security

Incorrect Passwords

Here you can set how often a wrong password can be filled in before Safenotes “lockes” (see the setting below what happens). In general, it is enough to be able to do five attempts. That's why this default is set. If you are unsure of remembering your password, it is sometimes useful to increase the amount. Unlimited is usually not such a good idea.

“Free” version: Number is fixed to 5 and not changeable.

Automatic unlocking

Here you can change what should happen if more than the number of incorrect passwords set above has been entered. If you choose “disabled” then Safenotes will be permanently locked. It is then no longer possible to access the notes. All you can do then is choose in the Android App Settings Safenotes and then choose “Clear Data”. You can start that again with an entirely empty list. This option (along with a small number of attempts) is safest if you absolutely do not want someone to access your stuff.

The remaining choices indicate after how much time Safenotes will allow new attempts (same number as set above).

“Free” version: only choice between 4 and 8 hours

Password Strength

You can set here what the minimum “strength” of your passwords must be before they are accepted. This strength is mainly determined by the length of the password. In the password, upper and lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation marks are allowed.

AES Key length

Here you can set the strength of the AES encryption. Higher is stronger. In general, the default setting “128 bits” is more than enough. If you use a higher encryption strength and you want to use the Safenotes application under Windows, you will need to do an additional installation for unlimited strength in Java. The default Java installation only works with 128 bit strength (due to US export restrictions)

“Free” version: Fixed to 128 and not changeable

Note settings

This allows the appearance of Safenotes and the operation of some components to be set

Choose maximum note size

This allows you to set how large a note may be. The highest possible value is 100,000 - 1 (99999).

“Free” version: Maximum size is 9999


This allows the desired theme (color scheme) to be set. Possibly “Light”, “Dark” and “Classic”: The classic setting is the color setting of KeyNotes, the precursor of Safenotes.

Meaning of the 'Back' key

This sets what the “back” key (arrow to the left in the toolbar at the top) does. Normally, this works as “cancel”. Pressing this while you have edited notes will prompt you to delete the changes. Set the button here as “save” then the question will not be asked but the note will be automatically saved automatically. It is a matter of personal preference that you like most.


This will give you information about the current Safenotes version, the link to this wiki and the ability to send an email.

About Safenotes

This shows the current version of Safenotes, the cryptographic library and the SDK level of your device. This information can be useful if you ask a question. There is also a link to this wiki.

Send comments

If you want to report a problem, or just want to tell you that you are satisfied, you can use this choice. You can then open your email program and send me an email.

Advanced settings

This option opens a new page with advanced settings. These settings are for special situations and do not normally have to be changed.

“Free” version: Advanced settings not present

Advanced Settings

Number of iterations for the key generator for the internal database

Allows the number of iterations to be used to generate a key for the internal database. By default, this setting is not as high (10000) because this database is usually inaccessible. If you have rooted your device, the database is accessible and it is wise to turn this value up.

“Free” version: Number of internal iterations is set to 1000

Change iterations for exports

This option is not selected by default. This is to prevent you from accidentally changing the following setting. By selecting this option, the following setting is activated.

Number of iterations for the key generator for the exported database

Allows the number of iterations to be used to generate a key for the exported database. By default, this setting is much higher (50000) because this database can be sent via unsecured media. Changing this setting (preferably also in high value) and keeping this amount secret makes it impossible for third parties to decrypt your notes. There is a small disadvantage, if you forget with what value you have encrypted the export, you do not get into it anymore! Although a cryptographer will say that you must not depend on these types of secrets, it often makes it much harder to “crack” the notes.

“Free” version: Number of internal iterations is set to 5000

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